Exterior wall application

Thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is a kind of modular product that combines thermal insulation and decoration. The thermal insulation layer and the facing layer are compounded in the factory, mass-produced, and effectively avoid the disadvantages of color difference and unevenness caused by on-site construction. The product system is based on international industry standards, and has the advantages of light weight, high strength, durability, bending resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity, which can meet the latest building energy saving 75% standard. In addition, as a new type of modular building exterior wall material, it also has excellent characteristics such as strong dimensional stability, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, and extremely diverse decorative effects. It is suitable for various types of new buildings (civil and commercial buildings) or energy-saving renovation of existing buildings. Also because of its fewer overall processes, low construction accuracy requirements, and unaffected by seasonal climate, geographical location, weather, etc., the system can increase the construction speed by more than 50% overall.